Providing Application of Knowledge Through Training

Xytec are a group of professionals with specialities in a range of Health and Safety areas that have come together to offer the very best in focused, deliverable and usable training and services. Xytec are not in the business of handing out certificates, we are about confidence and competence. Xytec turn knowledge into skill and real life application.

Class Based Theory Training

General courses or bespoke classes to ensure personnel are in possession of the latest and most accurate safety knowledge.

Practical Training

Application of learnt skills in a scenario based training environment to ensure that delegates not only think safe, they act safe.

Refresher Training

HSE guidelines suggest that training should be refreshed at regular intervals to ensure competence and relevance.

Product Training

From basic harness and lanyard training to access and rescue equipment, we can offer standard training or bespoke to suit your needs.

Toolbox Talks / Inductions

Refresher talks and/or introductions to basic safety needs specific to your organisation.

Contracted Safety Training

Training, refresher training, toolbox talks, inductions, equipment provision, inspection and re-certification can all be managed via a contracted service to ensure conformity and competence is current.


Tower Crane Rescue Training Specialists

In line with CPA guidance as supported by the HSE

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What you need to know...

Course Delivery

All of our courses are delivered to an exacting standard in accordance with the relevant Health and Safety Executive guidelines and recommendations. British Standards Approved Codes Of Practice [ACoP] are utilised where relevant. Where industries have recognised organisations and associations we take into account any relevant information and guidance they may offer in relation to training.

Practical Training Elements

Xytec do not own large amounts of training equipment, we do not believe this to be beneficial.

The best training experiences for the end user is gained by using their own equipment, familiarity and trust in your own safety equipment that you will use daily is vital so we encourage its use. Where clients equipment is used the trainer will re-inspect and re-certify where required.

Training equipment can be supplied by Xytec but there will usually be a charge against it, and provisions will need to be made in advance.

Course Prerequisite

All of our courses require delegates to meet the following minimum standards…

  • A professional attitude and a willingness to learn.
  • A good understanding of written and spoken English.
  • Numeracy skills.
  • Physical fitness where practical elements are included.


In order to become and remain certified in any of our courses the following criteria must be met…

  • Attendance for full course duration.
  • Practical assessment where appropriate.
  • Pass typically achieved through continuous observation and written assessment.
  • Certification re-validation after 3 years unless otherwise stated.
  • Recommended – Refresher minimum of half day annually unless otherwise stated.



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