On Site Training At Your Convenience

So, you are looking for some training?

Xytec will be glad to help... As a training organisation we set out to instruct and teach. We do not believe in just 'giving out certificates', we want people to be safe, so they know what to do in the event they need to make decisions about health and safety.  We want people to understand risks and hazards then give them skills and knowledge to deal with them effectively. We want our delegates to be able to apply their learning.

Knowledge is only power if you can apply it.

All of our courses are delivered at your site to an exacting standard in accordance with the relevant BSI and HSE regulations, guidelines and codes of practice. Where industries have recognised bodies or national associations we take into account their guidance and recommendations in relation to training.

Courses may consist of theoretical training, practical or a combination of both. Our dedicated courses can be adapted to suit specific needs and objectives but may require some additional planning and further costs.


In order to become and remain certified the following criteria must be met...

  • Meet the course prerequisites. 
  • Remain in attendance for full course duration.
  • Pass practical assessment where appropriate.
  • Achieve pass through continuous observation and written assessment.
  • Recertify within 3 years unless otherwise stated.
  • Refresher training is recommended for a minimum of half a day annually.

Course Prerequisite

All of our courses require delegates to meet the following minimum standards...

  • A professional attitude and a willingness to learn.
  • A good understanding of written and spoken English.
  • Numeracy skills.
  • Physical fitness where practical elements are included.
  • Confidence, Aptitude and Inclination

Neglecting the above may compromise the ability for a learner to achieve a competent level of knowledge and skill.

Work at Height Training

Booking Conditions


50% deposit payment in advance [when booked]
Balance due before certificates are released

Cancellation or Re-Scheduling Fees

More than 2 weeks notice - full deposit refunded
1 to 2 weeks notice - 50% deposit refunded
Less than 1 weeks notice [Late cancellation] - no refund
Rebooking at the time of a late cancellation will attract a 10% discount

Training Schedule [Unless otherwise agreed]

Training 'contact' time between 09:00 and 17:00
Lunch is 1 hour at around 12:30

Client [to Provide]

Suitable training environment for learning [theory and practical]
240v Power. Where a screen is not available suitable facility for a projector.
Refreshments [Water, Tea, Coffee]
Specialist equipment such as rescue kit*

*Xytec will carry out a detailed inspection of this equipment and certify it [before and after its use]

Delegates [To Provide]

PPE [Hard Hat, Boots, Gloves, Harness, Lanyard]
Delegates will be shown how to inspect their equipment as part of any course.

Xytec [To Provide]

All STANDARD Training Materials, safety backup equipment.


Want to train at weekends?

Not a problem... We understand the demands that a business has in regards to staff allocation, especially if you are booking dedicated training for an entire team.  Who will cover the phones? Process the Orders? Dispatch the goods?

Fortunately Xytec are available to deliver dedicated courses 7 days a week, evenings and even nights if required to assist in reducing the staffing burden whilst keeping your team together.  These services are charged at a small premium.

Practical Elements to Training

Xytec believe the best training experiences for end users are gained from using their own equipment. Familiarity and trust in their own or the organisations safety products is vital so we encourage its use wherever possible.

Xytec can also assist in specifying and supplying equipment along with the appropriate training.  This ensures...

  • Correct equipment is selected for the relevant task (s).
  • Users are trained on specific equipment to a more detailed standard.
  • Confidence and competence is gained to a much higher standard.
Work at Height and Rescue
Work at Height and Rescue
Course NameCourse IDDuration In DaysMaximum DeligatesDedicated CourseWeekend/Nights
Train the Trainer Bespoke Training MaterialTTT000_1N/AN/A£950.00N/A
Train The TrainerTTT004_144 £2,000.00 N/A
Train The TrainerTTT005_154 £2,500.00 N/A
Train The TrainerTTT006_164 £3,000.00 N/A
Confined Spaces - Low Medium RiskCS001_116£750.00£937.50
Confined Spaces - Awareness and Low RiskCS002_10.512£400.00£600.00
First Aid - First Aid at WorkFA001_1312 £1,600.00 N/A
First Aid - Emergency First AidFA021_1112£750.00£937.50
First Aid - Work at Height ModuleFA031_116£750.00£937.50
First Aid - Fire Safety ModuleFA041_116£750.00£937.50
First Aid - Confined Spaces ModuleFA051_116£750.00£937.50
Fire Awareness - Basic ModuleFS001_10.512£400.00£500.00
Fire Awareness - Advanced ModuleFS011_118£750.00£937.50
Fire Awareness - Warden/MarshalFS021_118£750.00£937.50
Height Safety - IntroductionHS001_10.512£400.00£500.00
Height Safety - Foundation ModuleHS011_1112£600.00£750.00
Height Safety - Technical ModuleHS021_116£750.00 £1,000.00
Height Safety - Management ModuleHS031_1110£750.00 £1,000.00
Height Safety - Leading EdgeHS041_116£750.00£937.50
Height Safety - Rescue BasicHS051_116£450.00£562.50
Height Safety - Rescue IntermediateHS061_116£750.00£937.50
Height Safety - Rescue AdvancedHS071_126 £1,200.00 £1,500.00
Height Safety - InspectionHS081_116£750.00£937.50
Manual Handling & MSDsMH001_10.512£400.00£500.00