First Aid training

Becoming a First Aider is sometimes out of need or necessity, many may find First Aid intimidating. The potential need to make life or death decisions based on a few days cramming in a classroom can put anyone under undue pressure and instil an element of reluctance.  Our training is designed to make delegates comfortable with their ability, to remind them they are not training as doctors or paramedics; as such Xytecs' relaxed and simplified approach to such a daunting subject has resulted in competent and confident first aiders returning to the work place.

When trained, our first aiders step up and deliver first class confident medical assistance under pressure.

Through many years of experience working with other organisations, different courses and training styles Xytec have put together courses that we believe meets all the needs of a confident work place First Aider.

Training delivered in accordance with

  • The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.
  • HSE Basic advice on first aid at work INDG347 (rev2).
  • BS 8599-2011 Specification for the contents of workplace first aid kits.