Empower your staff...

Giving staff the skills and ability to train personnel within your organisation offers many benefits...

  • There is a cost saving if you are regularly training your staff.
  • Your training means 'YOUR' syllabus - providing key requirements are met, your course can be adapted to very specific organisational needs that can evolve as you do.
  • New staff can receive immediate training to your own specific criteria.
  • Xytec support you for the term of your certificate validation including re-assessing and re-verifying your course for audit purposes.

What Xytec Offer

Xytec will help you bring your training 'In-House'  via our Train The Trainer module.  It is predominantly a bespoke course developed from one or more of our core disciplines but focusing more on your individual organisational needs.

Train The Trainer is not about teaching someone to regurgitate a script in front of a slideshow presentation. We look to qualify you in two areas, one as a 'manager of' and one as an 'end user'  typically these two rolls are quite different requiring a very different set of skills and capability.

Managing typically leans on compliance, planning and delivery but as an end user it is more about execution. It is important as a trainer that you are fully aware of both disciplines. 

Xytec can offer a course material bundle where it is not deemed necessary to write your own material. Xytec will provide personalised slideshow presentations along with delegate hand outs and assessment papers in PDF format.

Course Content...

This will vary depending on the specific course but typically the basic structure will be as follows...

  1. Evaluate Learning Needs and Objectives.
  2. Evaluate Existing Capabilities.
  3. Establish Suitability of Training Environment. (For Practical Elements)
  4. Understand Training Requirement and Commitment.
  5. Legislation and Standards.
  6. Approved Codes of Practice.
  7. Lesson Planing.
  8. Training Material and Equipment.
  9. Course Content and Documentation.
  10. Risk Management.
  11. Refresher Training and Tool Box Talks.
  12. Assessment Criteria.
  13. Document Management (Version Control / Record Keeping)
  14. Delivery of Training Content. (Assessed)

Within this syllabus the trainers will gain a qualification in the subject they are training (As per Xytecs equivilent standard courses).

Course Delivery...

The course does not have to be delivered over consecutive days, Xytec recommend the following...

1-6 then some time to gather information and research your course.

7-13 to work on putting a course together followed by some time to refine the course and practice delivery.

14 is for Xytec to Assess the final course and its delivery providing any feedback and assistance where required.

Xytec expect training for a typical 1 day course (75% Theory 25% Practical) will require around 32 hours of contact time (4 days) Plus 1 day for assessment and sign off.

Courses will be written in accordance with

  • Organisations Existing Health and Safety Policy.
  • Any Related HSE Regulation and Guidance.
  • Any Industry Related Professional Body or Association.