Complimentary Online Refreshers

Another simple concept...

The principal is this...

Most of our certification is valid for 3 years but the skills fade over a 36 month period can be quite substantial.  The Health and Safety Executive recommend in most cases a 12 monthly half day refresher to try and combat this.  Refresher training is only guidance so not mandatory and as such tends to be disregarded.

At Xytec everyone upon completing their first course with us will be allocated a candidate ID.  The candidate ID will correspond to their user account on our website giving access to 6 monthly online refreshers for the courses they have attended.  The objective is an attempt to combat skills fade in a simple but effective manner where annual refresher training is not being undertaken.

Results can be recorded and e-mailed for your records.


Xytec do not recommend this option as a substitute for annual, hands on, practical refresher training.