Satisfaction Guarantee

Another simple concept...

The principal is this...

Any dedicated course we deliver will be scored against feedback.  Should you be unhappy with our training...  well, we simply convert the average feedback score into a percentage and apply that to your outstanding balance.  Can't say fairer than that now can we!?

Our aim and our drive is to ensure exceptional quality course content and delivery, if we achieve this it will be reflected in our feedback.  And should we fail... we have a commitment to compensate accordingly.

Xytec Services Height Safety, Work at Height and Rescue Training

The core purpose of this scheme is to promote instructor and course development and ensure customer needs are being met.

There are 5 qualifying feedback questions scoring 1 to 5 focusing on...

  1. Course content.
  2. Course delivery - clear and understandable.
  3. Instructor Knowledge.
  4. Instructor/Delegate Engagement.
  5. Learning outcomes.

Xytec understand this offer is open to abuse but we are confident our courses will be so well received you will want to use us again.  Our aim therefore is that any feedback received 'should' only be constructive leading to practical and co-ordinated improvements.

  • Refund up to a maximum of 50% per course
  • Feedback scores in the refund scheme will need to be accompanied by comments detailing why the score was given to qualify for inclusion.